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2023 Judges:

2023 Show Staff & Sponsors

Show Manager: Jordan Desilets
Pre- Entries/Show Secretary: Judi Harrington
Show Secretaries: Caitlin O'Neil
Announcer: Jennifer Crossman 

Ring Master 1 & 3 - Dave St. John
Gate Keeper 1 & 3 -  Ellen Standish
Ring Master Ring 2 - Volunteer
Gate Keeper Ring 2 - Volunteer
Jumpers Gate Keeper - Sheryl Moore

Course Design: Amanda Tefft

Parking Attendant:
Ted Desilets & Corey MacIntosh

Show Sponsors: 
Food Booth ~ Camp Marshall Equestrian Center
April 30th ~ Camp Marshall Equestrian Center

May 21st ~ Camp Marshall Equestrian Center
June 18th ~  Camp Marshall Equestrian Center
August 27th ~  Camp Marshall Equestrian Center
September 17th ~  Camp Marshall Equestrian Center



April 30th: 

Jumpers: Amanda Tefft 

Hunter Ring: Lucy Tisdale 

Open Ring: Corrine Proulx 

May 21st: 

Jumpers: TBD 

Hunter Ring: Joy Collins  

Open Ring: Pending

June 18th: 

Jumpers: Pending

Hunter Ring: Josephine Guillman

Open Ring: Rhea Distenfano 

August 27th: 

Jumpers: Pending 

Hunter Ring: Rhea Distenfano 

Open Ring: Josephine Guillman 

September 17th: 

Jumpers: TBD 

Hunter Ring: Pending 

Open Ring: Missy Nichols

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